Farm to Soul

Nourish your Body and Soul

If you are anything like me, you love great food but also want to nourish your body and soul. These are not opposing goals—traditional food cultures have always revolved around local, seasonal whole foods, a mantra only recently adopted by modern food culture. Yet, not everyone knows how to transform those raw ingredients into outrageously delicious food in a way that is simple and manageable. I started this blog a way to demystify and simplify that process.

A Culinary Knowledge Farm

To that end, The Evolving Cook is a culinary knowledge farm of sorts, with posts organized by usage occasion –menu planning, culinary how-to, healthy cooking, ingredient usage, entertaining, culinary travel, restaurant picks, ethnic eating or the discovery of new dishes or cuisines. Above all, I want this blog to be a practical resource for people who want to learn to eat and cook better.

Discover the Best Food in the World

The pursuit of such knowledge has fueled a lifetime of culinary exploration for me, through world travel, culinary school, restaurant jobs, food writing and plenty of home cooking, research, testing and experimentation. For fellow food lovers, I invite you to share my discovery of the best food in the world, one awesome dish at a time.

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