Why Evolve?

The Evolving World of Food

It’s a great time to cook and eat in America. Modern food culture is a melting pot of global flavors and local, seasonal products, with increasing emphasis on both preserving flavor and nutrition and transforming these newly discovered ingredients, ethnic cuisines or regional specialties into new additions to the American table.

I created this blog as a way to share my culinary adventures, as I seek to capture best of what I am eating and cooking in the cities where I live and travel. I’ll also share my cooking adventures in the kitchen, as I attempt to recreate the must-have dish on a restaurant menu, master a newly discovered ethnic specialty, or chronicle the best thing I ate while traveling. As a trained chef, passionate cook and eater, I only share what I believe is a truly awesome dish.

My blog is a roadmap for the modern culinary warrior – explaining what to do with that new ingredient showing up at farmers markets, what to order off those strange menus in the Indian part of town, or how to make your own just about anything from scratch. I’ll also take you along on my culinary travels as I unravel the mystery of the regional specialties I find in the places I travel and bring you into my kitchen as I attempt to create that killer dish, inspired from my daily culinary adventures.

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