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The Evolving Cook

Obsessed with discovering the perfect plate of food, I hunt it down with a crazed, glazed grin in restaurants, world travels, local markets, kitchens, culinary events and over the shoulder of anyone who will let me peek while they work their magic. Like a true addict, I never stop seeking the thrill of the first bite, the moment of astonishment that reveals in an instant that, once again, I’ve scored a killer dish.

In the Evolving Cook, I share my culinary finds, experiments and explorations culled from a lifetime of culinary adventures, from the early days of my culinary awakening in ingredient-blessed San Francisco to my now daily forays into cooking and eating  in the furthest and nearest corners of the world.  Read more about me here.

I suspect other food-loving folks eat and cook much the way I do– exploring the food scene where they live and travel, and then taking these discoveries into their kitchens or adding them to their repertoire of culinary knowledge and experiences. I invite fellow passionate and evolving cooks to share my journey to evolve your  cooking and eating adventures in ever-changing directions.

Little Sumpin Sumpin for Everyone

My search for new culinary discoveries means finding the best dish to order on a restaurant menu – one so good, it becomes the main reason to go back. It means discovering a new ethnic or regional dish – maybe new to me, but not to the traditional cultures that bred it. Or it means experiencing the delight of a culinary innovation – a great dish dreamed up by an awesome chef or cook. My blog chronicles the best dishes I am eating in the cities where I live and travel.

But I don’t eat out every day – that would take away from the thrill of the hunt, not to mention the loss of my girlish figure. Instead, during the week, I build simple, healthy meals around fresh market ingredients and whole foods and then let myself go to town on the weekends to indulge in more extravagant meals and dinner party themes. Above all, I want this blog to be practical – a culinary resource for passionate eaters and cooks to navigate the ever-changing world of food.

I am always evolving as a cook – I hope you are too!

Popular Topics at the Evolving Cook

  • Killer Dish – Eating at restaurants isn’t always cheap, but can be worth it if you know the must-order dish on the menu
  • Trending this Dish – What is the low-down on the newly popular dish popping up in culinary circles? In this section, I’ve got the 411 on what it is, where to find it, how to make it
  • Eat the World – My travel tends to revolve around food exploration. In this section, I chronicle the best dishes I discovered on my travels.
  • Anatomy of a Dish – In this section, I share my quest to find ultimate version of a particular dish
  • Farm to Jar – Farm to table has expanded to farm to jar. In this section, I share my master recipes for homemade everything – granola, pickles, jams and much more.
  • Pantry Staples – You need to the right staples on hand to whip up a dish with minimum effort – these are my top picks and emerging ingredients for the evolving cook in the pantry
  • Eat Healthy– I eat healthy most of the time so I can eat what I want when I go out. My healthy eating regimen is built on a solid foundation of whole grains, beans and salads, maximized for flavor
  • Culinary U– Ever wonder why talented chefs and cooks don’t rely on recipes. It’s because they understand a basic cooking technique, then adapt and expand it for themselves. Learn those techniques here
  • The Classics–The classics remain classics for a reason. You’ve heard of this dish, but what is the best way to make it?
  • Ethnic Eats– New ethnic trends are emerging in America– new darlings such as Korean, Vietnamese or Spanish cuisine, as well as regional varieties of long-popular culinary traditions, such as Mexico and Italy.
  • Daily Eats– My daily cooking inspiration is usually based on three guiding principles – how can I use what’s in my fridge, freezer or pantry, do so in the least amount of time, and with the healthiest result?
  • Kid Food – Kids are a different animal – they definitely prefer anything sweet, fun and playful. Use this section to find kid food that’s fun and healthy or just plain fun.
  • Picnics and Potlucks – Ok, so you’ve been invited to a potluck or a picnic? Look here for ideas on what you can bring – whether it’s a great version of a classic favorite or something novel and interesting

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